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Interactive Business Banking (part 2)
October 1998 : OBR42
The Internet will become the platform for all types of business activities, from shipping to order entry to accounting. The economic advantages will be dramatic. Contents • The Business Case • One Community Bank's Reasons • Vendors Release Small Biz Platforms • Product of the Month: Turnkey eCommerce...[more]
Interactive Business Banking (part 1)
September 1998 : OBR41
Intuit may want your customers, but there are several ways to play in this game. Contents • Digital Business Banking • One Business's Dream Service • One Business's Wish List • Virtual • Innovations: HotOffice virtual office • QuickBooks 6.0 Boosts Net Integration • Product of the...[more]
1999 Planning
August 1998 : OBR40
The one-safe-source for online banking business planning with the latest market projections, updated forecasts, Strategy Matrix, and Quick Hits.[more]
Building the of Financial Services
July 1998 : OBR38&39 has the early lead in the race to become the dominant personal finance hub. But financial institutions of all sizes can build personal financial hubs, becoming the central point for financial information, planning, and transactions. Contents • Should you Build a Hub? • The Business Plan •...[more]
Interactive Mortgage Banking (part 2)
May 1998 : OBR37
Who is doing a good job of reassuring users that online applications will be handled in a safe, secure, and timely fashion? Contents • Index of Product/Marketing Tactics • Online Mortgage Pioneers • Gallery of Mortgage Innovations • Bank of America's Homeworth • Countrywide Concierge • E-Loan and...[more]
Online Mortgage Lending 1998 (part 1)
May 1998 : OBR36
If you didn’t build that online mortgage module in time for this spring’s refinancing mania, you aren’t too late to catch the next wave. Contents • Real Estate Industry Snapshot • Increasing Online Mortgage Volume • Building Complete Relationships • Model Email Loan Status Report • Consumer Behavior...[more]
Non-Financial Web Content (part 2)
March 1998 : OBR35
If your strategic plans include increasing market share among online consumers, non-financial features deserve a second look. Contents • Hire a Webmaster-in-Residence • 27 Non-Financial Content Ideas • Free email • Flight tracker • Travel club • Shopping resources • Statement consolidator (aka account aggregation) • Expense reporting...[more]
Strategic Non-Financial Web Content (part 1)
March 1998 : OBR34
As financial Web sites proliferate, you’ll have to do more to maintain an edge on the competition. Contents • Strategic Non-Financial Web Content • Selecting Online Content to Support Strategic Initiatives • Most Visited Financial Sites • Ten Non-Financial Content Ideas • Financial Milestones • First Federal pitches...[more]
Online Banking Momentum Builds
January 1998 : OBR33
It took nearly a decade and a half for online banking to achieve a 1% penetration rate of U.S. households, an event that occurred in early 1996. What will those numbers look like in 18 months? Contents • 1997 Year in Review • Online banking forecast • Seven...[more]
Interactive Bill Payments (part 2)
December 1997 : OBR32
Contents • Bill Pay Services for Any Budget • Business Models • Bill pay service fees • Loan revenues • Ancillary product sales • Cost vs. price dynamics • Pricing scenarios • Digital Payment Vendors • Tour of Bill Presentment Demos • Financial Institution Milestones • Key Bank...[more]
Interactive Billing and Payments (part 1)
November 1997 : OBR31
Contents • Opportunities in Bill Presentment • Market Research Results • Segmenting the Market • How to Profit from Presentment • Approaches to Electronic Bill Pay • 18 Enhancements for Internet Billing and Payment • Innovations: Suffolk County National Bank working with billers • Your Customer is the...[more]
Interactive Lending v2.0
October 1997 : OBR30
Contents • Marketing Credit Products Online • Web-based indirect lending • Web-branded lending sites • Second-tier Web Sponsorships • Regional Web sponsorships • Co-branded linkages • Speedy Originations • Maximize search engine exposure • E-Mail loan services • End-product reference centers • Turn Shoppers into Buyers • 40...[more]