E-Billing & Payments (part 2)

Bill payment to be the cornerstone of virtual banking

Jim Bruene

March 1999

: OBR 46



What you really need from Web users are their loan balances, and bill payment can help you get them. We will guide you through E-billing business models and pricing strategies.

• E-Billing
• Participants
• Business models
• Loan acquisition tool
• Pricing strategies
• Net-Only Bank Watch
• First Internet Bank of Indiana
• USAccessBank
• Product of the Month: Intuit’s WebTurboTax
• Innovations: PortraitCheque.com ports traveler’s checks to the desktop
• Financial Institution Milestones
• Net.Bank, TeleBank retool Webs
• Providian buys GetSmart.com
• Strategy Matters: Three Misperceptions

E-Billing & Payments (part 2)


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