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2024 Retail Banking Trends and Priorities
2024 Retail Banking Trends and Priorities
January 2024 : DBR304
Bridging Today's Capabilities to the Digital Imperative As our survey of financial institutions across the globe confirm, standing still amid accelerating disruption proves perilous. Still, transformations stall when strategies lack proper foundations. The 2024 Retail Banking Trends and Priorities report, sponsored by Q2, guides prioritization across key gaps...[more]
State of Financial Marketing 2023
2023 State of Financial Marketing
November 2023 : DBR302
In today's rapidly evolving marketing landscape, financial institutions face constant pressure to adapt strategies and tactics to ever-changing consumer behaviors and preferences. Staying ahead of trends and innovations is now a prerequisite for success. That's why we are excited to present our 2023 State of Financial Marketing report,...[more]
DBR 301 - The Power of Customer Permissioned Data
The Power of Customer Permissioned Data
October 2023 : DBR301
Permissioned data refers to customer information that is shared under explicit consent for specific uses. This contrasts with practices that infer data or acquire it from third parties. With permissioned data, customers opt-in on their terms. For consumers, permissioned data enables transparency, control, and personalization. Customers can customize...[more]
DBR 299 Retail Banking Trends and Priorities 2023
Retail Banking Trends and Priorities 2023
January 2023 : DBR299
Economic uncertainty has put an increasingly bright spotlight on the ability for traditional financial institutions to rethink existing business models from the inside out, to support an increasingly digital consumer. From delivering new digital solutions at speed and scale, to personalizing experiences with predictive engagement, banking leaders must...[more]
Best Practices in Successful Digital Account Opening
Best Practices for Successful Digital Account Opening
October 2022 : DBR296
More than ever, consumers want to partner with banks and credit unions that can simplify their daily lives and improve their financial wellness. There is little patience for time consuming online or mobile processes in a world where groceries, apparel, electronics, cars, or even a house can be...[more]
Maximizing Digital Banking Engagement
Maximizing Digital Banking Engagement
August 2022 : DBR293
For financial institutions, the accumulation of customer data empowers them to improve both the personalization and contextualization of content, creative, offers and overall experiences delivered. Done well, this higher level of personalization can improve satisfaction and engagement, providing a stronger value proposition that can positively impact loyalty and...[more]
Unleashing the Power of Data in Banking
Unleashing the Power of Data in Banking
July 2022 : DBR291
Data and analytics are at the core of organizations’ digital banking transformation efforts. In the accelerating digital economy, banks and credit unions are compelled to collect data from disparate sources and generate insights that are forward-looking and progressive to remain competitive. These insights drive improved efficiencies, better revenue...[more]
Digital Banking Transformation Strategies to Withstand Recession
Digital Banking Transformation Strategies to Withstand Recession
June 2022 : DBR294
The more future-ready your financial institution is, the less likely it will be negatively impacted by economic downturns. Becoming future-ready goes beyond your financial statements. It must include improving your back-office operations, creating differentiated customer experiences, growing your customer base, improving the use of data and analytics to...[more]
Branch Banking in a Digital World
Branch Banking in a Digital World
March 2022 : DBR292
Financial institutions globally are redefining how customer experiences can be enhanced and channel engagement increased. The role of the branch is at the epicenter of this discussion, as organizations focus on creating tech-enabled, integrated ecosystems. Most importantly, banks and credit unions must support channel agnostic delivery where data...[more]
Building Value with Exceptional Customer Experiences
Building Value with Exceptional Customer Experiences
December 2021 : DBR290
Digital banking channels are becoming increasingly indispensable for customers in a world altered by the pandemic, with usage increasing across all demographic segments. In response, most financial institutions are accelerating their digital banking transformation efforts to improve customer experiences, increase digital engagement, and become partners in their customers’...[more]
Innovation in Retail Banking Beyond the Pandemic
Innovation in Retail Banking Beyond the Pandemic
December 2021 : DBR289
We believe there several ‘innovation truths’ that should not be up for debate. First, organizations that are successful with innovation have a bias towards forward progress and concrete outcomes. In other words, there needs to be less talk about the process and more emphasis on speed, scalability, and...[more]
Trends in Digital Account Opening
October 2021 : DBR288
Building a digital account opening capability is more important than ever, with the cost of falling behind growing every day. To implement a digital account opening functionality, however, is extremely complex, with the demands of the marketplace requiring a review of every component of legacy business models. Banks...[more]