Virtual Checking Accounts

On the Web, it’s the plastic that matters

Jim Bruene

July 1999

: OBR 50/51



Will virtual checking combined with a credit card be able to gain control of the payments process while leaving the messy and largely unprofitable paper and branch-based checking services to the existing players?

• If you build it, will they come?
• 13 reasons to focus on plastic
• Features and benefits
• Marketing: 100% fee-free checking
• Anatomy of a start-up: takes off
• Scorecard: Loan banner ads
• Innovations: Scan and pay bill payment
• (update)
• Q-UP’s turnkey eComm solution
• Financial institution milestones
• American Express launches ebanking
• CompuBank ranks #1 on SmartMoney
• Lending Tree’s $500 rebate
• Cool web tricks from First USA

Virtual Checking Accounts

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