Nothing but Net

Truly virtual banking arrives...and so do the eyeballs

Jim Bruene

February 2000

: OBR 57/58



Five years after Web banking began at Wells Fargo in May 1995, are we beginning to see serious challengers to the old guard? Find out in our analysis of the new Net-only players,,, Virtual Bank, the newly funded CompuBank, and a dozen others.

• Screen Scraping: Naughty or Nice?
• Internet P2P Payments are HOT!
• Top 10 Milestones of 1999
• Predictions for Year 2000
• Anatomy of a Start-Up: raises the bar
• Bank of Dreams (Part 1): Market analysis
• Net-Only Banks: Scorecard
• 2000 Conference Calendar

Nothing but Net

SKU: OBR57&58

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