E-Billing and Payments (part 1)

The stakes have risen

Jim Bruene

January 1999

: OBR 45



As the stock market rewards companies that show rapid growth on the Net, bill payment and banking are relatively untapped sources of traffic. And while bankers were looking over their shoulders at Microsoft, it’s the portals who may seize the opportunity.

• Building Consumer Trust Online
• What signs mean security for your users?
• Strategic Planning: Ten Predictions for 1999
• E-Billing moves to the forefront
• Approaches to Bill Presentment
• Adding Value in E-Billing
• How to Build a Winning Pay Center
• Net-Only Bank Watch: Virtual Stampede to the Net Begins
• Index of E-Billing and Payment Articles from OBR
• Product of the Month: ATMs and Yahoo!

E-Billing and Payments (part 1)


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