Internet Person-to-Person Payments

Killer app or line extension?

Jim Bruene

November 1999

: OBR 54



Online Banking needs a killer app to fuel growth. Person-to-Person payments involve not only the sender but the receiver – as long as that person is online, they become a customer in order to receive the payment. Seems like more incentive than usual. And, if it works, nothing makes for a positive response like getting the money.

• Building a Real Virtual Bank
• Product of the Month: Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments
• Innovations: P2P Payment Providers
• Confinity (aka PayPal) is first to launch
• DotBank close behind
• Checkfree to launch Q2 2000
• OBR Best of the Web: PayTrust launches SmartBalance statement aggregation
• Web Tools & Tricks
• Splash screen from

Internet Person-to-Person Payments


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