Activation and Usage

Increasing online signups -- email integration a key driver

Jim Bruene

April 1999

: OBR 47



Are you signing up significant numbers of customers for online service, but the number of actual active users is lagging? This month’s issue provides ideas you need to convert signers to users.

• Return on Time Invested
• Account Activation
• Creating a Good First Impression
• Activation Ideas from A to Z
• Bill Payment Vendors (part 3 of 3)
• Processors and Hosts
• Software Providers
• Product of the Month: CyberBills
• Financial Institution Milestones
• Cascade Bank launches Q-Cards
• E*Trade hands out air miles
• HomeAdvisor gives away PCs
• NetBank to launch eSafeDeposit
• Web Usage by Type of Content

Activation and Usage


online marketing, account activation, online retail banking, product management, customer service, email integration