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Making the Case for Online Banking
July 1997 : OBR26&27
Contents Analyzing the 5 Headed Beast A Dozen Ways to Make the Case for Internet Banking Eight Steps for Estimating Revenue Potential Fee-Based Online Services Identifying the Total Cost by James Van Dyke Five Steps for Determining Costs Running the Numbers Model Business Case Pro Forma Advertising on...[more]
Customized Financial Services (part 1)
May 1997 : OBR25
Contents Delivering Relevant Information: Example -- CyberTravel, Inc. Building a Custom-Delivery Banking Service Banks with User-Customizable Websites • Bank of America • Deposit Guaranty • Fleet Financial • PNC Bank Mining the Data for Mass Customization Putting it All Together: Customized Financial Services for Any Budget Pushing Financial...[more]
Customized Financial Services (part 1)
April 1997 : OBR24
Contents Online Personalization Methods Mass Customizing Financial Services: • Custom Web views • Virtual personal bankers • Pushing Web content • Building your own account Beyond Account Data: Adding Value Online by Product Web Critic: Summit Bank's Your File Innovations: SFNB's custom investment tracking service delivered via email...[more]
Mortgage Banking Meets the Web (part 2)
March 1997 : OBR23
Contents Gaining Competitive Advantage Online Product Manager: The model mortgage Web Cyber enhancements for mortgages Marketing opportunities ATMs and Beyond: Delivery Systems at a Crossroads by Doug Randall Digital Payments: Digital's new Millicent system Product of the Month: Real-time mortgage approvals from Bank of Montreal and Virginia First's...[more]
Mortgage Banking Meets the Web (part 1)
February 1997 : OBR22
Contents Opportunity Knocks Partnerships Proliferate Online Scorecard: 85 Financial Calculators from SmartCalc (FinanCenter) Web Critic: Countrywide Sets the Mortgage Pace Roundup of Mortgage Sites at Retail Banks Digital Payments: CyberCash adds bill pay Online Marketing: Will Your Online Banking Service Stand Out in the Crowd? by Debbie Alford...[more]
Delivering the Goods
January 1997 : OBR21
Contents Online Marketing: Business plan add-ons for 1997 Online Trends: Top industry developments of 1996 Online Product Manager: Microsoft's New ActiveStatement Product of the Month: Beneficial Finance's Two-Minute Loan Scorecard: 2,000 banks on the Web, 55 with account access Financial Institution Milestones: • CanadaTrust's EasyWeb • Marquette Bank's...[more]
Digital Banking Report. In-depth research on how banks and credit unions are changing...
Digital Banking Report
Digital Banking Reports’ Terms and Conditions are simply that an individual subscription is for one person only, for the term of the subscription. Team subscriptions (e.g., 10-user) are for the assigned members only. Reports may not be shared with people who are not subscribers or team members. We...[more]
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