E-Service (part 2 & 3)

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Jim Bruene

January 2000

: OBR 55/56



During the summer of 1999, we tested the email service of U.S. financial institutions. The results were terrible. At the time we chalked it up to the learning curve and summer vacations. But we found little, if any, improvement in our tests in Oct. and Nov. Overall, across six test flights, we received a complete answer on less than 10% of the email questions we submitted.

• E-Service: What to Do Now
• Building Superior E-Service
• Improving Email Service
• Email support matrix
• Boosting Web-based Support
• E-Service implementation checklist
• Who Has the Best E-Service?
• Gomez Top 20 in Customer Confidence
• Lessons from an E-Service Pioneer: NextCard
• Email Response Test Results
• E-Service Providers: WebTone Technologies & 39 others
• Outsourcing Tech Support: DecisionOne & 800 Support
• Conference Calendar
• Innovations: X.com debuts P2P payments

E-Service (part 2 & 3)

SKU: OBR55&56

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