Customized Financial Services (part 1)

Delivering relevant information

Jim Bruene

May 1997

: OBR 25



Delivering Relevant Information: Example — CyberTravel, Inc.
Building a Custom-Delivery Banking Service
Banks with User-Customizable Websites
• Bank of America
• Deposit Guaranty
• Fleet Financial
• PNC Bank
Mining the Data for Mass Customization
Putting it All Together: Customized Financial Services for Any Budget
Pushing Financial Information: MECA Software’s ebranch
Market Research: FIND/SVP Predicts 17 million online banking households in 2001
Product of the Month: Treasury Bank’s foreign-currency CDs
Financial Institution Milestones:
• American Express ports ExpressNet to the Web
• Britton & Koontz e-mails balances
• Intuit’s real-time insurance quotes
Numbers from F&G Home Banking Forum 20

Customized Financial Services (part 1)


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