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2019 Chalenger Bank Analysis
2019 Challenger Bank Analysis
November 2019 : DBR266
With a world that is becoming more complex, today’s consumer is seeking organizations that can simplify their lives in a manner that is both personalized and seamless. The fewer steps it takes to achieve any objective, the better. The consumer also is growing increasingly aware of what is...[more]
Innovation in Retail Banking
Innovation in Retail Banking 2019
October 2019 : DBR265
The banking industry is confronted with greater challenges than ever as it tries to keep up with demand for more efficient ways to do banking and ways to make the lives of consumers easier. Many organizations are beginning to embrace the process of digital transformation, aligning products and...[more]
Digital Banking Customer Engagement
Digital Banking Customer Engagement
July 2019 : DBR264
The banking industry, similar to most industries, is in the midst of a customer engagement revolution. We are no longer evaluated based on how we have connected with consumers in the past, or how our direct banking industry competitors connect with consumers. We are judged by how the...[more]
DBR 293 - 2019 Digital Lending Review
2019 Digital Lending Review
May 2019 : DBR263
At a time when virtually every consumer is connected to each other and to their primary financial institution digitally, ease of application and speed of process are the two most important components to success. Unfortunately, the application process and ‘time to cash’ at many banks and credit unions...[more]
2019 Financial Marketing Trends Report
2019 Financial Marketing Trends
March 2019 : DBR262
Being a marketer in financial services has become an increasingly challenging profession. Beyond having a creative mind and analytical skills, today’s marketer has to remain on top of constantly changing trends in marketing technology, data regulations, channel use and consumer behavior. To succeed, bank and credit union marketers...[more]
Artificial Intelligence for an Improved CX
Artificial Intelligence for an Improved CX
February 2019 : DBR261
Big data is more than a buzzword – it is the foundation of all of the major trends in retail banking in 2019, and the best way to improve the customer experience at your financial institution. Data analytics can help your organization better understand your customers, members and...[more]
2019 Retail Banking Trends & Predictions
2019 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions
December 2018 : DBR260
Despite recent uncertainty in financial markets, the economic outlook for the banking industry remains positive. Regulatory forces are encouraging innovation and new digital technologies are providing opportunities to improve customer experiences. There are strong indications that banking organizations worldwide understand the primary trends impacting the industry as well as...[more]
Innovation in Retail Banking 2018
Innovation in Retail Banking 2018
October 2018 : DBR259
It was 10 years ago that Efma and Infosys Finacle published the first edition of the Innovation in Retail Banking report. During this period, the banking industry has needed to respond to the impact of the financial crisis, the digitalization of the industry and mobilization of the consumer,...[more]
Humanizing the Digital Banking Experience
Humanizing the Digital Banking Experience
September 2018 : DBR258
We must look beyond technology as a way to save money or increase convenience, better understanding what each consumer wants. It’s that foundation that allows banks and credit unions to engage, integrate, and learn from every interaction. The mission of each financial institutions is to provide consumers a...[more]
Power of Personalization in Banking 2018
Power of Personalization in Banking 2018
August 2018 : DBR257
Consumers want to be treated ‘special’ in every business relationship. No longer is it acceptable to place customers or members in segments that are defined only by age or income, or lack differentiation based only on the length, depth, value or lifestage of the relationship. Consumers know organizations...[more]
2018 Guide to Financial Marketing
2018 Guide to Financial Marketing
June 2018 : DBR256
The transformation of financial services marketing has never been more dramatic. Tools and techniques that worked in the past are becoming less effective in a world where consumers are overwhelmed by ‘noise’ from every imaginable channel. With more data and new analytic and marketing technologies at a marketer’s...[more]
Banking + Fintech: A Collaboration for Growth
Banking + Fintech: A Collaboration for Growth
April 2018 : DBR255
The vast majority of legacy banking organizations have a concern regarding the loss of revenue to financial technology companies in areas such as payments, money transfers and personal loans. The amount of business at risk has been estimated to be as high as 25% in lost revenues. This...[more]