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Mobile Account Opening (MAO)
December 2016 : OBR227
One of the biggest debates in banking today is the role of the branch. And especially its significance in new account opening. Many analysts, this firm included, see remote account opening as a better experience for the customer and potentially much cheaper for banks (thought it requires downsizing...[more]
Money 3.0: Payments Go Mobile
December 2016 : OBR225
The biggest story in payments the past six months has been the rise of Bitcoin. If you believe the proponents, we’ve been witnessing the founding of the “internet for money.” That may be true, but like Napster when it created the “internet for music” there will be substantial...[more]
Mobile Banking Security
December 2016 : OBR226
Much like the other banking technologies that proceeded it, security perceptions surrounding mobile banking have taken a familiar route. While early adopters rush in, others remain skeptical, often citing security concerns for their lack of adoption. While users of mobile banking are now fairly confident about its security,...[more]
Digital Banking Forecast
December 2016 : OBR224
In this report, we look at online/mobile banking and billpay usage in the United States, both past (back to 1994), present, and future (through 2023). Year-by-year projection are provided for the following online products and services: Checking/deposit account access Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending Mobile access Loan/credit card access Account...[more]
Digital Small Business Banking
December 2016 : OBR223
There is no other issue that ignites our passion than the lack of attention paid small- and micro-businesses. There are many reasons why this segment continues to fly under the radar of mainstream banks. But with digital delivery, “cost to service,” is no longer a valid excuse. In...[more]
Finovate Report: Q3 2013
December 2016 : OBR222
The Finovate Report is a quarterly summary of the activity of more than 500 alums worldwide. It also includes a summary of the seventh annual FinovateFall which took place in New York City in September.[more]
2014 Guide to Online & Mobile Banking Products, Pricing & Strategy
December 2016 : OBR220/221
Our 19th annual Remote Banking Planning Guide is packed with more than 1,000 ideas, tactics, and tips you can use to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your online initiatives. The information is organized by product within the two major retail banking segments: consumers and small/microbusinesses. To help...[more]
New Opportunities with Prepaid Cards
December 2016 : OBR219
The traditional debit card, linked to a checking account, has become far less profitable due to government price controls and changing consumer behavior. Stepping into that void is the prepaid card or gift card. It’s a payment mechanism used by more than 80% of the country, yet it’s...[more]
Finovate Report: Q2 2013
December 2016 : OBR218
The Finovate Report is a quarterly summary of the activity of more than 500 alums worldwide. It also includes a summary of the sixth annual FinovateSpring which took place in San Francisco in mid-May.[more]
Crowdfund Investing Platforms (Debt/Equity)
January 2017 : OBR 216/217
We have been huge fans of peer-to-peer (P2P) finance (see OBR 127, 148/149). In theory, it makes sense to tap Internet efficiencies to match the buyers and sellers of money. On the other hand, there are good reasons to have highly regulated intermediaries, though that system is far...[more]
Finovate Report: Q1 2013
January 2017 : OBR215
The Finovate Report is a quarterly summary of the activity of nearly 500 alums worldwide. It also includes a summary of the third annual FinovateEurope which took place in London in mid-February.[more]
Digital & Mobile Wallets
January 2017 : OBR213/214
If you are financial institution trying to decide what to do about mobile wallets, this report was written for you. We look at the trends, market demand and major players. But more importantly, we look at precisely what financial institution can do today, no matter the size of...[more]