2023 State of Financial Marketing

Jim Marous

November 2023

: DBR 302

47 pages, 24 tables/charts


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In today’s rapidly evolving marketing landscape, financial institutions face constant pressure to adapt strategies and tactics to ever-changing consumer behaviors and preferences. Staying ahead of trends and innovations is now a prerequisite for success.

That’s why we are excited to present our 2023 State of Financial Marketing report, sponsored by Deluxe. This comprehensive analysis provides an indispensable guide to help financial marketers navigate the currents transforming the industry.

Drawing on insights from financial institutions worldwide and across all asset tiers, this report delivers an in-depth look at the key forces shaping marketing. We explore the meteoric rise of digital, including how leading organizations execute integrated omnichannel campaigns. With consumers measuring experiences against big tech and e-commerce giants, closing maturity gaps is crucial.

You’ll discover real-world strategies and tactics employed by top financial marketers to drive engagement. We also examine ways to turn challenges like compliance into opportunities for differentiation. And we showcase how data analytics, AI and martech partnerships can optimize efforts in a complex landscape.

Above all, this report equips you with knowledge to build distinctive customer connections amid disruption. The institutions that harness these insights will gain a sustained edge.

We urge senior leaders, CMOs and marketing professionals at all financial institutions to download the complete 2023 State of Financial Marketing report right now. Arm yourself with intelligence to elevate strategies, increase profitability and compete at the forefront of innovation.

The stakes have never been higher to engage consumers effectively. This report provides the roadmap to reach your marketing potential – and propel your institution into the future. Seize the competitive initiative and download it today.

2023 State of Financial Marketing


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