Improving Online Account Opening ROI

Ten strategies to increase online application conversion rates

Jim Bruene

June 2009

: OBR 168/169



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This report focuses on ways to increase conversions and improve your results when opening financial accounts online or over a mobile phone.
We’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relation-ship with online account opening. We love it because it’s essential for gaining incremental business online, but we hate it because every time we test actual applications we become frustrated with the process.
While, overall, things are much better now, banks and credit unions still make many small mistakes, most of which can be easily corrected. But there are also still some major flaws in the systems, even at major financial institutions.
The report walks through online applications at a ten financial institutions then presents the best practices in a ten-step process.
The report also looks at the size of the online account opening market in the United States and projects forward through the year 2018.

Improving Online Account Opening ROI

SKU: OBR168/169

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