The Safe Banking Initiative

Financial institutions must adopt new safeguards in 2005

Jim Bruene

December 2004

: OBR 113

20 pages, 7 tables, 6,000 words


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The industry MUST adopt stricter online authentication and monitoring tools or risk a damaging backlash against online banking and payments. To help spur innovation on the security front, we are launching a new effort called the Safe Banking Initiative, or SBI for short. We hope to create an Underwriters Lab (UL) type seal of approval for financial institutions to display on the websites and other marketing material. Our initial 80-point Safe2Bank Online guidelines are included.

Other topics:
• Conference report: BAI’s Retail Delivery
• Innovations:
– Safe-surfing toolbar from Fraud Eliminator LLC
– True automated teller machines from Source Tech
– Preapproved credit lines from PayPal
• Online sales & service: Creating effective email responses that answer questions AND sell the solution

The Safe Banking Initiative


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