The Forecast

Top management (finally) gets it

Jim Bruene, Editor & Founder, Online Banking Report

January 2004

: OBR 103

24 pages; 21 tables; 9,400 words


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Our annual look at the past, present, and future of online banking including a 10-year forecast for online account access, bill payment, and other online financial services.
In our look back at the year 2003, we identified the top-10 innovations and industry developments of the year, included the OBR Innovation of the Year, Money HQ, the new premium online banking service from Online Resources (powered by CashEdge), which was also placed on our Top 25 Innovations of All-Time list at number 15.
Also new to the all-time top-25 list is Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union’s Upost@home, an innovative program that provides instant credit for deposits manually entered online, then subsequently mailed to the credit union

The Forecast


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