Online Mortgage Lending 1998 (part 1)

Missing the refinance opportunity

Jim Bruene

May 1998

: OBR 36



If you didn’t build that online mortgage module in time for this spring’s refinancing mania, you aren’t too late to catch the next wave.

• Real Estate Industry Snapshot
• Increasing Online Mortgage Volume
• Building Complete Relationships
• Model Email Loan Status Report
• Consumer Behavior and Online Lending
• Conference Reports: Microsoft’s FINEt and IQPC’s Internet
• Fraud Prevention: Don’t Be Spoofed
• Legal Matters: Digital Signatures
• Online Marketing: Intuits 20K Sweepstakes
• Innovations: TD Bank’s Session Logs
• Financial Institution Milestones
• Free email from American Express
• Credit bureau reports from
• Bill pay from Countrywide
• Ask the Experts from Westminster
• Mortgage Resource Listing from Past OBRs

Online Mortgage Lending 1998 (part 1)


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