Online Investing Communities

Will social networking revolutionize saving & investing?

Jim Bruene

May 2008

: OBR 152/153



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In this report, we look at how investment companies and financial institutions can use social media tools to create “online investment communities” where users interact with each other and/or professional investment advisors in a web-based community.
In our research we identified 54 North American companies involved in this space. In addition, we surveyed 400 online consumers age 21 or over about their interest in online investing communities or “social investing.” Using this data we developed a 10-year forecast for household usage of social investing features.
Here are some of the significant areas covered:
• How any financial institution can add social features to their investment area and make recommendations by budget size.
• Ideas from the startups in social investing
• Themes for financial institution investment areas

Online Investing Communities

SKU: OBR152/153

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