Online Banking Momentum Builds

Worldwide online base reaches 100 million

Jim Bruene

January 1998

: OBR 33



It took nearly a decade and a half for online banking to achieve a 1% penetration rate of U.S. households, an event that occurred in early 1996. What will those numbers look like in 18 months?

• 1997 Year in Review
• Online banking forecast
• Seven key stats to memorize
• Personal Computer Numbers
• Internet Banking Users
• Electronic Banking Numbers
• Payments by Type
• January 1998 Scorecard: 3,670 Banks on the Web
• Banking Web Sites and Users by Country
• Online Marketing – A Search Engine Primer
• Innovations: Web-based tax prep from SecureTax
• Financial Institution Milestones
• For Your Business Case: Number of Bank and Thrift branches

Online Banking Momentum Builds


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