Online Banking by the Numbers 2003

Mainstream users continue to flock to Web banking

Jim Bruene

December 2002

: OBR 89



If not for the foul economic climate and over inflated expectations of the late ‘90s, the online channel would be the toast of the industry. By most measures, online banking is a runaway success. Compounded annual growth since OBR’s founding, at year-end 1994, has been 80%. Worldwide, more than 100 million households now bank online, up 20-fold.

In the U.S., household adoption passed 25% a few months ago, up 100-fold since 1994. Looking ahead, we project another doubling of usage in the U.S. to 50+ million households by decade’s end. Worldwide, the total is expected to triple to 300 million or more households.

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Online Banking by the Numbers 2003