Non-Financial Web Content (part 2)

Enhancing your online product offering without breaking the bank

Jim Bruene

March 1998

: OBR 35



If your strategic plans include increasing market share among online consumers, non-financial features deserve a second look.

• Hire a Webmaster-in-Residence
• 27 Non-Financial Content Ideas
• Free email
• Flight tracker
• Travel club
• Shopping resources
• Statement consolidator (aka account aggregation)
• Expense reporting
• Virtual safe deposit
• School/homework center
• Community clearinghouse
• Area yellow pages
• Auction hosting
• Transcript of Netscape interview with OBR Editor
• Financial Milestones
• NationsBank hits 500,000 users
• PNC launches Autoweb
• Ten truly useful websites

Non-Financial Web Content (part 2)


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