Net Banking Catches Fire

Jim Bruene

April 2000

: OBR 59



Why do we think Net banking is catching fire? One word, actually one letter, X. The buzz-building Silicon Valley startup is delivering useful, low-cost, and easy-to-use financial services. Leveraging this appealing and viral product, and a host of imitators will lift online banking household penetration to the 15% mark this year, 20% next year, and 25% in 2002.

• Enabling E-Commerce with Internet Banking
• Detailed Online Banking Forecast
• Internet Metrics • Web users / traffic
• Household penetration
• Building the Bank of Dreams (Part 2 of 30)
• The online sign-up process
• The dream sign-up form
• Best of the Web:’s sign-up process is nearly perfect
• Email Payments Update: eMoneyMail from Bank One
• On the Radar Screen:,, Yahoo PayDirect, bought by, NetFriday from Fleet, PointPathBank from Synovus, myBankUSA from First Savings Bank FSB, and more
• Viral Marketing Side Effects: Pyramid schemes using PayPal

Net Banking Catches Fire


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