Mobile Features for 2015 and Beyond

A guide to the important smartphone features for 2015 and beyond

Julie Schicktanz

August 2014

: DBR 228

44 pages, 9 tables/charts


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Remote deposit capture transformed mobile banking by offering something not available elsewhere. Here’s a look at the advanced features that make the mobile UX superior to online.

** This is a republication of OBR 228 under the new Digital Banking Report format. Content is essentially unchanged **

Mobile Features for 2015 and Beyond


ABN AMRO (Netherlands), Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, BBCN Bank, Blippar, BNP Paribas (France), Chase Bank, Cluster, Emirates NBD Bank, First National Bank (South Africa), Fiserv, Fitbit, Google, Greater Texas Federal Credit Union, Halifax Bank (UK), Isis, Malauzai, Mitek, PayPal, Pixeliris (France), PrivatBank (Ukraine), Rabobank (US), Royal Bank of Canada, Samsung, Simple (BBVA), Square, Southern Bancorp, St. George Bank (Australia), Starbucks, USAA, Verity Credit Union, Wells Fargo, Westpac (New Zealand)

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