Interactive Business Banking (part 1)

Creating a virtual finance department for small businesses

Jim Bruene

September 1998

: OBR 41



Intuit may want your customers, but there are several ways to play in this game.

• Digital Business Banking
• One Business’s Dream Service
• One Business’s Wish List
• Virtual
• Innovations: HotOffice virtual office
• QuickBooks 6.0 Boosts Net Integration
• Product of the Month – Atel’s CyberLease
• Net-Only Bank Watch: GetSmart’s biz finance product
• Yahoo broadens product line
• Financial Institution Milestones:
• Busey Bank
• Schwab
• Rockwell FCU online withdrawal
• Zurich Kemper’s
• Online Marketing: search results for “”Business Loan”””

Interactive Business Banking (part 1)


small business banking, microbusiness, business, commercial, lending, product management