Innovations & Inspirations

Financial institutions continue to raise the bar

Jim Bruene

November 2004

: OBR 112



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As we approach the ten-year anniversary of Web banking, the overall state of online financial services is excellent. Several critical areas still need work, such as foiling fraudulent website access, but overall we like what we see online. This month we highlight four notable new innovations, the first two earned Best of the Web designations:
• Account deadbolts from FNB (South Africa) and AOL
• Integrated account aggregation from Everbank
• Stock trading playground from OptionsXpress
• Online preapproved credit offer acceptance from Capital One, American Express, and others

Other Subjects: Web traffic trends at the busiest banking, credit, insurance, brokerage and other financial services sites.

Innovations & Inspirations


innovations, security, product management, account aggregation