Growing Deposits in the Digital Age

Seventeen smart strategies for gathering core deposits while building your brand

Jeffry Pilcher with Jim Bruene

December 2008

: OBR 160/161



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This report focuses on the key driver for health and profitability in 2009 and beyond: retail deposits. Specifically, how the online channel can be used to boost the results of your deposit marketing and sales efforts.
Guest author Jeffry Pilcher, a branding and marketing guru who recently launched his own brand consultancy, ICONiQ, joins OBR Editor Jim Bruene in looking at seventeen promising deposit-building strategies. Many are tried-and-true techniques, such as sweepstakes and rewards, updated with a digital touch. While others, such as bidding on deposits at auction at MoneyAisle, are pure Internet-enabled inventions.
And because today’s skittish financial consumers are moving toward safety, growing deposits also requires strengthening your brand. Only the most trustworthy financial institutions, offering a hassle-free deposit experience, will win this new round of financial competition.

Growing Deposits in the Digital Age

SKU: OBR160/161

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