E-Service 2.0

Service with a :-)

Jim Bruene, Editor & Founder, Online Banking Report

April 2004

: OBR 105/106

40 pages; 37 tables; 15,000 words


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Making the case for improved online customer service is easy. Online banking customers now prefer it almost 3-to-1 over telephone support (see tables within report). Done right, e-service can increase customer satisfaction, decrease support costs, and lead to increased sales. What’s not to like?
The problem is that costs are front-loaded and benefits are difficult to measure. Bottom line: You’ll spend hundreds of thousands or more in anticipation of future, largely hidden, returns. That’s a tough sell in any environment, but especially in the low-margin financial services arena.
What’s a banker to do? This report will outline service improvements necessary to keep pace with leading online retailers. It’s a must-read for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions intent on using the online channel to deliver cost effective customer service. More than 100 e-service tactics are presented, all designed to help you improve customer satisfaction and deflect calls and emails away from your call center.
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E-Service 2.0

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