Delivering “Live Help” Online

Live chat and click-to-call promise to increase sales, make customers happy, and save money; what’s not to like?

Jim Bruene

April 2011

: OBR 191_192



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In this report, we look at a nearly decade-old technology, live chat and click-to-call, that are getting more usage as online retailers become more sophisticated. And as consumers become far more accustomed to interacting via typing instead of talking, it will be second nature to chat online with a retailer when they have questions.
This change in customer behavior is important for financial institutions who now serve large portions of their customer base online.
Not only does live chat hold the promise of cost reductions in the call center, it’s been a proven revenue generator on the sales support side. Sometimes a short chat to answer an unresolved question can be the difference between a new account and yet another abandoned application.
And with the lifetime value of a new banking client in the $1000-and-up range, anything you do to lift online conversion rates can have a big long-term impact.
But live help can run up your costs dramatically if it’s not used judiciously. So, we’ve provided a list of do’s and don’ts for you to consider as you implement the service.

Delivering “Live Help” Online

SKU: OBR191_192

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