Credit Report Monitoring & Identity Protection Services

Protecting your customers (and your bottom line) from fraud

Jim Bruene

June 2002

: OBR 83/84



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For the first time, we take a comprehensive look at the burgeoning consumer-direct credit report market. Industry trends are identified along with sales and revenue forecasts through 2011.
The various credit report products, both for one-time sale and the more comprehensive subscription plans are reviewed and evaluated. The excellent business case for financial institutions is presented and supported with costs and benefits.
Finally, we take a look at 10 key industry suppliers and resellers. Two, who are pushing the credit-report envelope are identified and analyzed in more depth.
Primary research results: The report includes the results of our proprietary online research fielded June 21-23, 2002. Subscribers may purchase the full dataset for an extra fee.
• What your customers think
• Consumers speak out
• OBR market research results
• Building customer trust:
-One credit report at a time
• Equifax
• Experian/
• TransUnion
• Fair, Isaac
• First American CREDCO
• Intersections
• PromiseMark
• Trilegiant/Cendant
Best of the Web
• Privista
• TrueCredit
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Credit Report Monitoring & Identity Protection Services

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