Building the of Financial Services

Creating an online financial services hub

Jim Bruene

July 1998

: OBR 38/39


PDF has the early lead in the race to become the dominant personal finance hub. But financial institutions of all sizes can build personal financial hubs, becoming the central point for financial information, planning, and transactions.
• Should you Build a Hub?
• The Business Plan
• Company Structure
• The Product
• Strategic Plan
• Guerrilla Online Marketing Tactics
• Building Blocks
• Net-Only Bank Watch
• Micropayments Update
• Regulatory Update
• Innovations
• CreditFYI from Net Earnings
• The Lending Tree loan auctions
• Financial Institution Milestones
• Schwab’s interbank transfer
• NationsBank’s
• Intuit’s Business Cashfinder
• TeleBank’s free everything
• Wells Fargo real time loan approval
• Sizing the Internet market

Building the of Financial Services

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