Attracting Small Businesses with Online & Mobile Banking

Underserved segment is prime candidate for alt-delivery

Jim Bruene

October 2009

: OBR 172/173



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In this report, we look at ways to create more value through online and mobile banking for small- and micro-businesses. In the United States alone, it’s a $2 trillion opportunity in deposit and loan balances, including the owner’s personal accounts.
We look at ways to extend traditional products into the online and mobile world. And we analyze opportunities in broader “small business management” services such as invoicing and customer management. These services have the potential for $100+ monthly fees, potential boon for profit-starved financial institutions.
The report also looks at the size of the small business online banking market in the United States and projects forward through the year 2018.

Attracting Small Businesses with Online & Mobile Banking

SKU: OBR172/173

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