Adding Value in Electronic Payments (Part III)

Putting it all together

Jim Bruene

April 2002

: OBR 82



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In part 3, we put it all together and present our ideal “”Bank of Dreams”” epayments center. Included are charts to help financial institutions prioritize their products offerings depending on total budget size and payments strategy. We also expand upon the enormous opportunity with interbank funds transfer first with the editorial, “”The Last Mile in Payments: Interbank Connectivity,”” and a guest viewpoint from Dove’s Richard Crone entitled, “”Me2Me Funds Transfer and Account Aggregation.””

• Building a Winning Service
• The Building Blocks:
-Research & Planning Zone
-Payment & Transaction Zone
-Security & Privacy Zone
-Small Business Zone
• The Ultimate ePayments Center
• ePayment Features by Budget $$
• ePayment Product/Strategy Matrix
• Interbank Connectivity
• Me2Me Funds Transfer
• Conference Calendar
• Numbers in the News
• A Look Back

Adding Value in Electronic Payments (Part III)


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