Adding Value in Electronic Payments (Part I)

What would FedEx do?

Jim Bruene

February 2002

: OBR 80



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If you’d like to develop a meaningful point of differentiation for your company, an area ripe for picking is electronic payments. In our view, few providers have developed a payment program geared towards genuine user needs. Using FedEx as a metaphor, we look at strategic issues for evaluating your epayment program. Then we take a look at the current state-of-the-art through the eyes of the consumer. Finally, we size the market and offer an updated epayments forecast through 2010.
Also included: In our ongoing Best of the Web series we look at PayPal’s clever technology for automating the buyer and seller experience on eBay and the launch of PayPal’s traditional bill payment program.
• Strategic Planning
• Electronic Bill Payment Self-Assessment
• Reengineering the Billing Process
• Consumer Adoption
• Sizing the Market
• Best of the Web: PayPal uses screen scraping to present eBay bills
• Online Marketing: Pop-up screens for abandoned applications
• Citibank Encourages Cardholders to Go Paperless

Adding Value in Electronic Payments (Part I)


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