2004/2005 Planning Guide

Premium channels promise improved ROI

Jim Bruene

September 2003

: OBR 98/99



Our ninth annual Planning Guide is packed with more than 500 ideas and tactics you can use to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your online initiatives. Tactics are organized by product within the two major retail banking segments, consumer and small- and micro-businesses. The report also includes an 8-page guide to pricing fee-based online services.
Other Subjects:
– MBNA tests free daily credit report monitoring
– Royal Bank’s OneAccount demo (formerly VirginOne)
– Citibank fights fake emails with homepage mess
• Effective planning
• Online banking research companies (19 listed)
• Ten ways to boost revenues in a (hopefully) rebounding economy
• Online banking benefits: pyramid of consumer needs
• Consumer banking: online strategy matrix
— Marketing strategies by product
— General marketing strategies
— Service and retention strategies
• Small business banking: online strategy matrix
• What to charge: pricing online services
• Innovations:
— MBNA’s tests free credit bureau monitoring
— Royal Bank’s OneAccount demo
• Security Matters: Citibank’s battles fake emails

2004/2005 Planning Guide

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