2001 In Review

A great year for online banking

Jim Bruene

December 2001

: OBR 79



A great year for online banking, overshadowed by world events Although the past 12 months will mostly be remembered for bad things, it was a great year for online banking. There were no radical new innovations during the past year, but some of the new features launched in the late 90s began to gain traction: Yodlee’s account aggregation system used by customers of 57 financial companies hit the 1 million active user mark; PayPal’s online payment system grew to nearly 6 million active users in 37 countries; and FirstUSA, Bank of America, and NextCard made it easy for cardholders to transfer balances online. For a complete run-down see, Top 10 Industry Developments of 2001 (pp. 6-7). For 2002 we expect continued impressive growth in the use of the online channel for everything banking related: lending, reviewing and paying bills, exchanging information via email, interbank transfers, and routine customer service inquiries. See 2002 Predictions for more (pp. 12-15).

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2001 In Review


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